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Posted July 1st, 2010 in Blog by Kamran
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Big Hair is in… and so is Curls!

Winter is upon us and it’s time for boots, coats and scarves, and new hair trends! After a decade of straight /flat styles, it’s time to get big hair! Yes you have read correctly Big is in! …so is curls and waves and full luscious hair is all the rage. If you are still ironing your hair flat then, it’s time to change your look – How great does Jessica Jessica Parker’s hair look!

The other winter fashion favorite for this season is fringes so if you don’t have one, maybe you should consider it. A fringe can dramatically change and freshen your look without too much of a change, however be sure to get the right shape fringe for your features. For example a slim face is broadened by a deep straight fringe and a fuller face would appear slimmer with a more of a curved fringe.

Due to massive changes in hair fashion there are lots of new products and equipments available now to help you achieve your new fuller look…

In response to our clients requests we have been showing clients how to create curl and movement in their hair by using curling tongs. All sizes of tongs are available for sale at Kamran Hairdressing and each one purchased comes with a free lesson on how to use them.

Already have some curling tongs? You’ll  be surprised how they have been improved with the ceramic technology that your straightening irons have been made with. The new tongs get hot very quickly and some have temperature control too.

Finally just remember we are happy to advise you on how to update your look or how to style it differently so why not book for a Free consultation today!!

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