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The LA BIOSTHETIQUE brand has an international reputation for top end, premium quality, luxury cosmetics. Their hair and cosmetic lines are sold exclusively at hairdressing salons alongside a range of pampering products and services. Our partnership with this wonderful brand allows us to offer our total beauty range at the highest level servicing complete hair care, styling, and colour.

Why choose La Biosthetique? Kamran has the answer…

Arriving in Australia, opening my salon meant looking for the only best product company to use. It was becoming a hard task until one day someone mentioned La Biosthetique, instantly I remembered that I had first come across La Biosthetique in London and had heard good things, that started me off on my journey.

la biosthetique hairThe challenge with most of the other hair care products, was that they were very cosmetic and only masked the hair problems at best. I found most did not consider what the effects on the scalp were likely to be over long time usage.  La Biosthetique are very different.  I tested all their products and researched their natural formulas, while the company insisted on checking me out! No problem there.  They didn’t want to leave their range with me until they knew my standards and equally I didn’t want to commit until I knew their products. In the end it was a karmic match.  They stood out in the crowd.


Not only are the hair care and colour products brilliantly effective but their range also covers scalp treatments that actually do what they are meant to do… ~Kamran Aazami

My clients enjoy rich, healthy conditioned hair over a short period of time, dandruff free, treatment for psoriasis and thinning hair has helped so many and in many cases one treatment has been sufficient. You will be blown over by how good these products are and dare any and everyone to test them out with me!

Kamrans Gold Coast Salon Stocks the La Biosthetique Products

  • La Biosthetique Shampoos and Conditioners
  • La Biosthetique Scalp Treatments
  • La Biosthetique Styling products
  • La Biosthetique Essential Oils
  • La Biosthetique Hair Colour
  • La Biosthetique Perm
  • La Biosthetique Natural Cosmetic (see below)

la biosthetique natural

NEW! From La Biothetique – Natural Cosmetic Hair


“In Harmony with Nature” – After many years of intensive research La Biosthetique has developed NATURAL COSMETIC; Ecocert certified professional hair care range made with ingredients from almost 100% natural sources.

NATURAL COSMETIC is free from silicones, parabens, paraffin oils and synthetic colorings or fragrances. It provides a wonderful sense of natural wellbeing – with a clean conscience. Each product is combined with an individual beneficial ritual to enhance your pampering experience.

Are you ready to ‘Go Green’ and experience this amazing natural hair care? Make an  appointment with the best, call Kamran Hairdressing today… Call for more info 0422 461 064

Thinning Hair? Kamran Offers a Solution for Men & Women…

The product  is called METHODE REGENERANTE – and we guarantee 100% Successful treatment of hair loss due to thinning hair! Methode Regenerante from La Biosthetique provides everything needed to give hair growth more energy, positive impulses, and optimum support.

la biosthetique methode regenerante

Hair loss for both men and women is a big issue and the La Biosthetique products for hair loss certainly deliver.  Everyone that I have advised to use the Methode Regenerante range of hair thickening products have experienced some improvements. Essentially, hair loss relates to physiological disorders affecting the scalp function.

The problems for women can range from partial thinning of the hair, poor quality of hair due to no apparent reason or very slow growth which can start to occur even at a younger age and for men the range works better when loss has just started. This product will help to restore hair to its full lustre, to look thicker, fuller and more beautiful!

The only way to counteract the problem of thinning hair is to nourish and protect the exisiting hair and scalp.

la biosthetique thinning hairThe Ultimate Hair Loss Solution

With its unique METHODE REGENERANTE care concept, LA BIOSTHETIQUE provides everything your hair needs for improved growth, a positive energy boost and optimum support.
  • The growth impulse is heightened
  • The energy level of cells is increased
  • The hair’s active growth phase is positively influenced
  • The hair roots’ supply of nutrients is improved

The response from our clients that have been using the regenerante range has been very positive with remarkable change in hair quality and level of hair growth noticed within only 6 to 8 wks of using the products. It is my privilege to introduce everyone to this range.  Everyone deserves to enjoy their hair and now everyone can, so a no obligation consultation to find out more about how we can help.

Here is a testimonial from one our clients.
Heather of Varsity Lakes says:

I am now on my second pack of treatment and I wouldn’t be without it. The difference to my hair is amazing. I noticed my hair feeling thicker within the first month of using the product and by the time I had finished the first box there was new hair growth around the front hair line, at last I don’t feel embarrassed of my hair looking so thin. Kamran was able to style my hair into a Iook which is much more modern and stylish.

If you have been looking for the ULTIMATE solution to actually regenerate thinning hair and treat hair loss then call Kamran or stop by and purchase this amazing product today!



*All images courtesy of Labiosthetique.





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